For more information visit the Boston College page on College Confidential. They will be notified of final decisions shortly thereafter. Candidates are required to apply to one of the University's four undergraduate academic divisions: the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Carroll School of Management, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, or Connell School of Nursing. The school spends $38,479 for each full-time student enrolled. Be sure to see the requirements on the International Applicants page. If you submit an early application, we will notify you once your application has been downloaded. Students with an ACT score Wondering what life at BU is like? Why BC? An ACT score of 34 means you fall in the 75th percentile for BU's admitted students. While not required, a video interview allows candidates the opportunity to demonstrate English proficiency and communication skills to the Admission Committee. Did you receive an email?? Does BU accept Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits? Early Decision II applications are due January 4. Both Early Decision and Regular Decision candidates are eligible for Presidential Scholarship consideration as long as they meet the November 1 priority scholarship deadline. 23 percent got into a very competitive school. Applying early may increase your chance of admission, since it is a way to show your interest in a school. As many of you know, schools often post results in advance of their "official" notification dates, so we've compiled the most recently updated dates for you here where available, as well as last year's notification dates for reference. Some aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so fill out the FAFSA as soon as you can. BU accepts International Baccalaureate credits (IB) credits and Advanced Placement (AP) credits. Supplementary English Proficiency Options. Connect with other students, parents, and admissions professionals to learn more about about BU in the College Confidential forums. Students with an ACT score of Some ideas for what to share: 96% percent of students attend school Washington University in St. Louis - Early Decision I. Colleges consider a range of factors when determining who to admit for their next incoming class. Early Decision II Notification Date. 27 percent would not do anything differently, 25 percent would apply to different schools, 4 percent would pick more safety schools to apply to, 26 percent received merit aid that they were not expecting, 23 percent got into a very competitive school, 21 percent were admitted to one of the reach schools, 19 percent were rejected from one of their safety schools, 7 percent received a very generous financial aid package, 4 percent did not get into any of the schools they applied to, Consider seeking out help from an admissions advisor for additional guidance: Should have hired an independent admissions advisor (even just for 2 or 3 sessions) to help through the process of applying to east coast schools, for reviewing essay, knowing what schools would offer significant financial aid. , Setting up a dedicated admissions process email will make it easy to stay organized and help keep your inbox from being overloaded with all of the school emails youll be receiving: The number one thing I would have done differently would have been to set up a dedicated email account just for admissions. Last year, BU admitted 1877 of the 5659 students who applied early decision. 28% of ED applicants were admitted, filling 51% of the Class of 2026. For Early Decision II, you must apply by January 3 and will learn of our decision by February 15. However, both plans are also binding, meaning that you must attend if admitted. Colleges and Universities A-Z. Director of Undergraduate Admission Grant Gosselin said the COVID-19 pandemic has unquestionably affected recruitment, admission, and enrollment throughout higher education, and the full impact has yet to be fully realized or understood. Both offer potential advantages in the admissions process. Below, please find a list of selective colleges and universities offering an ED2 option (Updated September 2022): Institution. I can't find my login credentials. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh so nerve wracking. Boston University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission. The question is whether or not the number of ED applicants actually doubled. Our most competitive applicants tend to have a high school program with four years of the five main subjects: English, Math, Social Science, Natural Science, and Foreign Language. class-2025, early-decision, boston-university. "One is the introduction of BC's Early Decision program, which was implemented three years ago," explained Gosselin. If you are also confident that your first quarter grades are strong, applying Early Decision may be a smart choice for you. We expect that your academic credentials, extracurricular engagement, and personal qualities will fit the profile of currently enrolled Boston College students. Because deposits came in stronger than predicted last year, we will extend approximately 900 fewer Regular Decision offers this year. If a student demonstrates need beyond tuition, as determined by Boston College's institutional analysis, this need would be met with additional scholarship funds. 19 percent were rejected from one of their safety schools. This means that the institution accepts 18 If you apply through Regular Decision, you will learn of our decision by April 1. Admissions criteria, acceptance rate and average GPA are good indicators of how competitive an institution is. Jan 4. Admissions to accelerated seven-year medical program, Kilichand Honors College is program extremely difficult. Finalists for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program will be notified of their status in early January. Early decision is binding, which means you must attend if you are admitted, while early action allows you to apply early without committing. If your school uses its own school form, we will also accept that document. No. Check the school website The decision will result in a shift from BC's non . This meant we could visit a lot of colleges during junior year, and leave just a couple for September of senior year. , Attend virtual events hosted for prospective students, Visit a variety of campus types to find the type of campus that feels right (big, small, city, suburb, public, private, etc. Most of these deadlines typically fall in early or mid-January and admissions decisions are typically rendered in early-to-mid February. Retention refers to the number of students that stay enrolled at a school over time. We expect that your academic credentials, extracurricular engagement, and personal qualities will fit the profile of currently enrolled Boston College students. I asked my daughter to check her email she never does. If Boston College is your unequivocal first choice, then we would urge you to consider applying through Early Decision. Students may only be released from their Early Decision commitment if, after a conversation with our financial aid office, financial factors preclude enrollment. imvoiceofreason February 8, 2021, 9:28pm 283. Because of the limited number of spaces in the entering cohort, HCE major applicants only will have the option to indicate a second major in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences on their application. I guess well find out soon enough. Explore other colleges in Massachusetts or use the college admissions predictor to calculate your chances of getting into some of the top colleges and universities in the U.S. How hard is it to get into BU? This post is a wiki and allows CC members to edit and update relevant information - just click the Edit button in the lower right corner. BU has a test optional admissions policy. To learn more about Boston University, choose from the options below: If you want to see Boston University for yourself, be sure to plan a visit! If admitted through Early Decision to Boston College, you must immediately withdraw applications to other institutions and enroll at Boston College. 31 or below have a low chance of Students with an ACT score Yes. If your GPA falls below the average, strong He has previously served as a high school counselor, consultant and author for Kaplan Test Prep, and advisor to U.S. Congress, reporting on issues related to college admissions and financial aid. 32. Think about it: 1600 students cant be accepted from Early Decision 1 alone as that would already be over half of their entire incoming class. As you embark on your college search, we want to assist you by offering a glimpse into life at Boston University with a variety of virtual events and programming. Are you interested in journalism and communications? Copyright 2023 Trustees of Boston College, offers a four-year, full-tuition scholarship, Common Application Early Decision Agreement form. Claim your page to customize your profile and connect with students! Early Decision allows you to demonstrate your commitment to enroll at Boston College. Access insights and advice on how to search and apply for scholarships! I applied to a few and I got in, but I didnt see myself being happy at all but one of them." Early Decision II is a binding admission program for students who view Boston College as their top choice. of getting into BU. Check the school website To making the most comprehensive review of your application for admission, applicants must other submitting that following credentials to addition for the Common . Early decision (ED) or early acceptance is a type of early admission used in college admissions in the United States for admitting freshmen to undergraduate programs.It is used to indicate to the university or college that the candidate considers that institution to be their top choice through a binding commitment to enroll (i.e., if offered admission under an ED program, and the financial aid . Learn more about Boston College'snotice of nondiscrimination. SO much. ., Confidential Statement for Financing Studies & Sponsorship Support Confirmation, Guidelines for Applying for the F-1 Student Visa and for Entering the United States, Instructions to process F-1 Transfer to Boston University, Advanced Credit: International Baccalaureate (IB), Boston University Schools, Colleges, and Programs, MyBU Applicant Portal (Application Status). Submissions received after these dates will not be reviewed. When you apply early, your application is considered before all the regular decision applicants apply. What do you discuss with that person? Natural disasters, political unrest, local school strikes and other unexpected events can add a level of complexity to the college application process. Please make sure to carefully select your preference for Early Decision or Regular Decision consideration on the Common Application. If youre eager to take on Boston, Americas College Town, and youre serious about success after graduation, then why wait? that falls between 31 and You will be required to submit an Enrollment Confirmation Fee to Boston College within 10 days of receiving your admission offer. As decision day approaches, many students are considering their offers of admission and preparing to make their final decision on where they will be attending college in the fall. Spring entry freshmen applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than December 15. Early Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than December 15. The percentage of admitted students at BC is half of what it was only five years ago, when the admit rate for the Class of 2021 (with 28,454 applications) was 32 percent. During the 2021-22 admission cycle, Boston College received 4,428 Early Decision applications (ED I and II combined). admitted to BU, while applicants with SAT scores between The early decision acceptance rate at BU is 33%, compared to an overall acceptance rate of 19%. The median ACT score of an admitted student to BU is Applicants should submit InitialView results byNovember 15for Early Decision I andJanuary 15for Early Decision II and Regular Decision. January 15. That way you can narrow down preferences - big/small/big sports/urban campus. , A good alternative for going on tours, if that is not possible, is to search for , Pay closer attention to application deadlines and make a, Apply to schools that you can truly see yourself attending or you might feel limited with your choices come decision time: "Personally, I would have applied to more schools that I could see myself at . Connecticut College explicitly states on their website that standardized tests taken in December of a students senior year will be considered in the ED2 process. Due to the binding nature of Early Decision, you are not permitted to apply to other binding Early Decision programs. In making admission decisions, we consider grades, standardized test scores, what you do outside of school, teachers and others appraisals, and how you express yourself through writing. What is a question that matters to you and how do you hope Boston College will help you answer it? The BU acceptance rate is 19%. College Confidential Forums Colleges and Universities A-Z Boston University. Here are the Early Decision and Early Action notification dates for the 2022-23 Admissions season: School Name. We recommend that these evaluations are written by teachers who have taught you in one of the five main academic subject areas (English, Social Studies, Science, Math, or Foreign Language). The average starting salary for recent Boston University grads is $60,317 a year. Regular Decision is a non-binding admission program and the majority of applicants apply through Regular Decision. its not like they are gonna cut the ED acceptance rate in half because the number of applications doubled, right?.. If they truly received double the applications, Im assuming the acceptance rate would be cut by half. If you are unable to submit the fee online, you should mail a check or money order. Regular Decision. The acceptance rate at Boston University is 19%. We review each application with a level of thoroughness and thoughtfulness that reflects the time and effort you have invested in Boston College. So discover why clicking "send" on your application is a smart choice. What questions do you have about applying early? Test optional schools allow students to choose if they want to submit ACT or SAT scores with their applications or not. Early Action. on the SAT. Boston University was founded in 1839 and the school currently enrolls around 36,104 students per year, including 18,229 undergrads. (List of ED2 colleges updated September 2022see below). For those students who plan to submit ACT and/or SAT results during the 2023-24 admission cycle: Copyright 2023 Trustees of Boston College. I completely agree, Id be surprised if they actually doubled as well. However, given the increase in the percentage of admitted students submitting scores, and the increases in those scores, we have every reason to believe that the degree of academic excellence among our undergraduates will continue to rise. Learn next to standout students every day. Each year, Boston College awards 18 academically merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen through the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program. Thanks for subscribing! What are the pros and cons of Boston University? 1390 to 1490 Click below to find out more about the admissions requirements and deadlines, student life, academics, majors and more. Boston University meets 88% of the demonstrated financial need for undergraduates. You may apply for a fee waiver through the Common Application. Planning to play sports? Most students who retest improve their score. Students are only considered for admission to the division to which they applied. For example, ED2 applicants have more time to improve their standardized test scores, solidify their college preferences and assess their financial need. Sixty-seven percent of admitted students submitted standardized test scores with their applications, even as BC, like many elite colleges and universities, made them optional. Allrightsreserved. Within 1-2 business days of receiving your Common Application or QuestBridge Application, well email you login instructions to access the portal. You may use your portal to upload an optional resume, but this is not required for admission. Regardless of whether you apply Early Decision or Early Decision 2, BU gives careful consideration to both groups of applicants. We take pride in making Boston College an affordable option for families, but urge you to use our net price calculators to determine your likelihood of qualifying for financial aid, and what kind of package you might expect to receive if admitted. What is the early decision acceptance rate at BU? Students applying to the HCE major must respond to prompt #6 only. Boston University is a private, nonprofit school in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Students attending a national school in China are encouraged to schedule an interview withInitialView. This has contributed to an increase in the number of students considering an application to highly competitive universities like Boston College. Did everyone get an email from BC saying decisions will be out early December? Jan 3 Today, January 3rd, is our Regular Decision and EDII application deadline! So terrifying and exciting. Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help! Thread Replies Views Activity; . For answers to our most frequent COVID-19 related questions, click here. Transfer students can enroll in BU during the following terms: Yes, admitted students can defer their admission to BU. On the SAT Math Section, 25% of BU students scored 780 or higher and 75% of students scored 660 or higher. Admitted Early Decision candidates will be fully considered for one of 18, full-tuition, merit-based scholarships through the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program. Study with leading experts. Keep in mind they still have Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision to pick from. Early Decision applicants who apply for financial aid and are admitted to BU, Early Decision applicants for one of our full-tuition scholarships, such as. Early Decision Notification Date. In addition to applying as an Early Decision applicant, please review our instructions for, If admitted, you must submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit and withdraw your applications to all other colleges and universities. In reflection of the application process, College Confidential posted a few polls as a way to gauge how students felt about their experiences. I got an email a few days ago. This year, admitted students averaged 1510 on the SAT, yet another milestone for BC, and 34 on the ACT. Early Decision II is a binding admission program for students who view Boston College as their top choice. If you have higher than average scores, you probably want to include them. the percentage of admitted students who attend)an important indicator of desirability and one that can have significant influence on a colleges ranking. Boston University is proud to . Decision Day occurs each year on May 1st and is the deadline for students to inform the college of their choice of their intent to attend through submitting an enrollment deposit. So ask yourself: Is Boston University a good school for you? All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. below 1390 have a low chance of being offered The Office of Undergraduate Admission deeply values the contributions made by a diverse community of scholars. You are confident Boston University is your top choice school and the best fit for you. Boston University students can write for the campus newspaper, host a radio show or be a producer for the student-run television channel. It says You will be required to submit an Enrollment Confirmation Fee to BC within 10 days of receiving your admission offer.. Graduates in the class of 2022 had an average of $40,944 in student loans per borrower. Regular Decision is a non-binding admission program and the majority of applicants apply through Regular Decision. During Regular Decision, the remaining 49% of the class was filled from an applicant pool of nearly 40,500 applications. 1434. Regular Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than April 1. There are approximately of getting admitted, and students with an ACT score of 233 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215, BostonUniversity. At BU 70% of students ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class in high school, 99% were in the top 25% and 100% were in the top 50%. If you submit your Regular Decision application early, but later decide that Boston College is your first-choice college, you may convert your application to Early Decision II. BU's early decision acceptance rate was 33% in 2021. Boston College is need blind in the admission process and pledges to meet the full demonstrated need of every admitted student. Each year at University Convocation, the incoming class engages in reflective dialogue around a common text.
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